Mustang Hood 83-86 stock height

Stock height hood for 1983-1986 Ford Mustang.
As low as $993.75
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Our hoods are designed to give maximum under hood clearance without obstructing visibility. We offer heights ranging from 0 inches (stock height) up to 6 inches. Each of our increased height hoods uses a cowl-induction design with a trim-to-fit cowl opening that extends back to the windshield. Our carbon fiber hood sets a new standard for strength and weight. It is reinforced with a honeycomb core and is hand laid in vacuumed bags, giving you the best product for your money. Alcohol funny car technology is now available to you. When we introduced this hood in 2000, it changed the standard for drag racing parts with its exceptional strength and light weight. We have continued to build on this formula, making us a leader in the market. We now produce the most sought after products in the racing world. Nominal weights: Fiberglass – 19 lbs. Carbon fiber – 9 lbs.

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